Ultrasonic Tool Holder

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The Rotary Ultrasonic Tool Holder with your CNC machine Spindle provides “conventional” NC machining capability to a whole new level, it fits on your spindle and brings ultrasonic performance to your new or existing equipment.  This solution allows acoustical vibrations to conventional cutting tools accelerating production rates, extend tool life, and provides the ability to work on hard-to-machine materials such as glass, ceramics, kevlar, etc. without purchasing new machining centers.  The Ultrasonic Tool Holder produces longitudinal vibrations along the tool’s axis, this motion reduces the friction affect and thus reduces cutting force due to oscillating motion of the tool tip.  By reducing the cutting force; cutting temperatures are reduced, dimensional stability is improved as tool deflection is reduced, and reduction in force may also provide parts with a better finish.

Ultrasonic Tool Holder for Cat40